Scale Your Online Wellness Business

Find Your Focus  |  Prioritize Your Plans  |  Scale Your Systems

Make your passions profitable - without losing sight of your visions & values

Are you wanting to grow but struggling with what to do or how?

You often feel... 

  • The constant flow of new ideas and projects is leaving you unclear of what to focus on and when
  • Chasing online trends is causing you to spin your wheels and lose momentum
  • You should be farther ahead by this point in your career- especially compared to your colleagues
  • Even though you’re making a good income, you are unable to break through to the next level
  • The lack of systems in your business is leaving you distracted and scattered

You Need a Strategic Map for Your Business


The Strategic Mapping™ Business Blueprint gives you an actionable quarterly plan to nourish and organize your business - finally grow and scale as a health and wellness leader. 


Just Imagine ...

  • Having direction and processes in place that make your business run with ease
  • Creating strategic systems that free you up to focus on the parts of your business you enjoy the most
  • Knowing with certainty that the actions you take today will move you toward the vision you have of tomorrow
  • Serving your clients from a place of inspirations, clarity, and abundance

About the Strategic Mapping™ Business Blueprint

The Strategic Mapping™ Business Blueprint is a framework that ensures every project you and your team focus on ties back to your long term vision. After a comprehensive analysis of your current situation, you’ll get a step-by-step quarterly action plan. That means a clear direction to consistently achieve your goals for growing your online wellness business.


Learn How To:


Tap into your strengths and focus on income-generating activities 



Prioritize which projects deserve your attention - in the right order at the right time



Create systems that save you time and free your energy to do the things you enjoy the most



Adopt new processes that will allow you to share your message & impact more lives  


Hi, I'm Kimberly

From one heart-centered entrepreneur to another, I want you to know that you can rise above the distractions and noise of the online world. You deserve the balance and ease that a strategically designed online business can provide to not only you but the people you want to help. I’ll customize a step-by-step action plan for your business growth that's consistent with your values and dialed in to your long-term vision.

I am a Certified Director of Operations and Marketing Strategist for online health and wellness professionals. I have over two decades of business-building experience—including online marketing, funnel strategy, project leadership, and team building. I'm one of fewer than a hundred licensed Strategic Mapping Model™ experts worldwide. The unique Business Blueprint model I have created is the most effective way to help my fellow Wellpreneurs gain clarity, direction and a plan to systematically grow their business.  

The Strategic Mapping™ Business Blueprint is for you if…

  • You’re a holistic health and wellness warrior with a deep connection to your vision and values


  • You know you need to build a solid and strategic business foundation in order to succeed


  • You realize you cannot do it all and you are ready to systemize and grow your business and attract the right team members


  •  You want to grow and scale your business online so you can impact more lives—including your own

Aren’t you tired of the overwhelm?

Is the stress of your business keeping you from showing up as the energized and heart-centered leader that you want to be for your clients? Do you keep trying to help others but feel distracted by your own lack of clarity, frustrations and self-doubt? Are you worried that your stress will build to the point of burnout?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Strategic Mapping™ Business Blueprint is for you!


"I wanted to develop new ways to let people know about my business and I was introduced to Kimberly Ryan. Talk about 'new ways'! In a manner of a few weeks Kimberly literally transformed my business by developing a custom quarterly strategic business plan and increased my visibility overnight. Due to her resources and expertise, I am able to take advantage of new technology in online marketing I was not even aware of before. I know it is going to directly affect my bottom line while making my life easier! I wholeheartedly recommend Kimberly. Everyone who has a business needs to - at the very least - talk to her."


Mary Schneider - RepatternIt®

What's Included …

  • Private Client Portal with a Step by Step Action Plan
  • 3 One on One Strategy Coaching Calls 
  • The 7 Strategic Objectives You Need to Focus On -In the Right Order  
  • Your Customized 12 Month Business Blueprint 
  • Your Quarterly Action Plan 

PLUS these Bonuses

  • Recordings of All Sessions 
  • Target Revenue & Expense Planning Sheet 
  • 1 Custom Asana Business Blueprint Template
  • 1 Custom Asana Quarterly Focus Template 
  • Private Voxer Access to Me for 14 Days 

The 5-Step Process

The Strategic Mapping™ Business Blueprint includes one-on-one strategy and coaching sessions to be sure we create a plan that is specific and customized to YOU. Here’s the process.

1 - Your Goals and Vision

Before our first strategic mapping session, I'll send you a questionnaire so that you can feel organized and prepared for our calls. Together we revisit your Mission, Vision, and Core Values as well as everything from your products, income generating projects to your non-negotiables. This starts to lay the foundation to building a strategic and sustainable business blueprint.

2 - Your Business Audit

I'll do a comprehensive audit of your business—including your financials, systems, and goals. Just as you take a holistic view of your client or patient’s health, I take a holistic view of your business's health. I dig deep to find the root cause to any gaps in your operations, projects and processes.

3 - Your 7 Strategic Objectives

There are 7 key areas or objectives you need to focus in order to grow and scale your business. Unfortunately, you can't focus on all of them at once. I will explain each one and together we prioritize these 7 key objectives and rank them in order of focus to suit your business and lifestyle.

4 - Your Business Blueprint

Your Strategic Mapping™ Business Blueprint becomes your step by step framework for your business growth. I custom build you an easy to follow template in a free project management software. Your blueprint will give you, (and your team), a sense of direction and clarity to ensure you achieve consistent goals that are in line with your long-term vision. 

5 - Your Action Plan

Based on your Strategic Mapping™ Business Blueprint outcomes, I'll set up a quarterly action plan to help guide you through the next 12 months. You will now be able to work in an organized and intentional way. Following this strategic plan will allow you to finally grow and scale a nourished and organized business.

Are you ready to

Break the cycle of endless distractions and frustrations

Ditch the overwhelm and self-doubt

Replace the frustration with an actionable plan

Set up new processes that allow your business to scale

Cultivate a team that will help you achieve your heart-centered vision

Fall in love with your business and life again


But maybe you're thinking ...

I don't have the time.

The process of developing your customized blueprint requires that you provide me with some background information and show up for a few strategy sessions. It’s a small investment of time that will translate to hours saved over the next 12 months. When we put a strategic blueprint and systems in place for your business, you gain the freedom to spend your time on more income generating tasks and the things you enjoy doing the most.  

This sounds complicated.

Cleaning up your processes and setting up systems in your business takes some work. But I’ll be doing the hardest parts for you.

I’ll identify the areas where you need to focus and when. I’ll give you a plan to follow for the next four quarters. The last thing you need is more complications. The Strategic Mapping™ Business Blueprint will SIMPLIFY things and make your life easier.

The Strategic Mapping™ Business Blueprint

 What’s Included:

  • Private Client Portal with a Step by Step Action Plan
  • 3 One on One Strategy Coaching Calls 

  • Your 7 Detailed Strategic Objectives You Need to Focus On -In the Right Order

  • Your Customized 12 Month Business Blueprint 

  • Your Quarterly Action Plan 

PLUS these Bonuses:

  • Recordings of All Sessions 

  • Target Revenue & Expense Planning Sheet 
  • 1 Custom Asana Business Blueprint Template 

  • 1 Custom Asana Quarterly Focus Template 

  • Private Voxer Access to Me for 14 Days






You can never live in true health and abundance if your business is weighing you down. You need to not only nourish your body but also your business—so that it energizes you and the people you serve.